Our health requires a new way to monitor hydration that’s both simple and accurate.

Leo Technologies has pioneered a revolutionary sensor to meet this pervasive and critical need. Unique and proprietary, this technology is currently under 4 provisional patents and is market-ready.

Constant, effortless monitoring of the hydration you need.

Leo Technologies’ hydration monitor affords simple, yet powerful biometric sensing and analytics that makes consistent monitoring care-free.

The need is great. The market is everyone.

Most people don’t know they are dehydrated. Personal health monitoring products affect a broad range of markets — including many that are on a steep path of growth.

We Look

Supports Healthy Skin

Water promotes circulation in your skin supplying vital oxygen and nutrients while flushing away toxins. Dehydration can cause your skin to dry and appear wrinkled.

Prevents Bloating

Avoiding fatty foods helps to prevent bloating, but staying well hydrated helps food to move through the digestive track, reducing bloating and constipation.

Controls Appetite

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Drinking enough water helps reduce impulse eating and makes you feel satiated, reducing calorie intake.

Boosts Metabolism
People who drink more water burn more calories.

We Feel

Improves Energy Levels

Well-hydrated people generally experience less fatigue, fewer headaches, and an improved sense of well-being.

Improves Mood

When you’re dehydrated, your mood can turn sour, whereas proper hydration can maintain a positive mindset.

Reduces Stress

Proper hydration of the brain helps keep stress hormones (cortisol and adrenalin) at lower levels.


Dehydration can result in confusion and indecision, and in elderly adults has been linked with delirium and dementia.

We Perform

Enhances Cognitive Performance

Even mild dehydration can affect your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory. Proper hydration improves the ability to focus and to identify, organize and interpret new data.

Speeds Muscle Recovery

Drinking water after a workout can improve recovery by flushing lactic acid and other metabolites from active muscles.

Improves Physical Performance

Dehydration decreases endurance, reduces motivation, and increases perceived effort, which can all be reversed by rehydration. Additionally hydrating before, during and after exercise can help prevent muscle cramping.

Regulates Body Temperature

Water helps transport heat from muscles and the brain to the surface of the body – a critical process for athletic performance, mental acuity and safety.

We Recover

Improves Circulation

Proper hydration improves blood flow throughout the body and to the brain, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the work required by the heart.

Prevents Fainting

Falls in elderly adults and others caused by brief periods of dizziness or fainting are generally related to poor blood flow to the brain resulting from dehydration.

Boosts Immune System

Good hydration habits can prevent and fight colds, flu and other infections, as well as reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Improves Joints

Joint pain, soreness and mobility from physical activity and mild arthritis can improve with proper hydration.